Honeygiver Among the Dogs

Bhutan|2016|FullHD|16:9|132|Dzongkha|English and czech subtitles|ČSFD|IMDB|6,7/10

A Girl From China

Indie|2012|DVD|4:3|50min.|Tibetan English and Chinese|english and czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD

A Mother's Son

UK|2016|DVD|4:3|60min.|Tibetan and English|czech subtitles|film web

A Shawl to die for

India|2008|DVD|21min.|English|czech subtitles|ČSFD

A Stranger in my Native Land

India|1998|DVD|4:3|32min.|English|czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD

A Touch from the Other Side

Czech Republic|2006|DVD|4:3|56min.|czech|N/A|ČSFD

Brilliant Moon: Glimpses of Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche

USA|2010|HD|57min.|english|czech subtitles|IMDB|8,5/10

Bringing Tibet Home

India, UK, USA|2013|DVD|4:3|82min.|Tibetan, English|Czech subtitles|film web|IMDB|8,2/10

Call It Karma

Canada|2004|DVD|47min.|English|czech subtitles|IMDB|6,5/10

Crazy Wisdom

USA|2011|Full HD|16:9|86min.|Tibetan and English|english and czech subtitles|film web|IMDB|7,5/10

Dalai Lama Renaissance

USA|2007|DVD|4:3|81min.|English|czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|6,9/10

Daughters of Wisdom

USA|2007|DVD|16:9|68min.|Tibetan|english and czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|7,1/10

Dolpo Tulku: Return to the Himalayas

Germany|2010|DVD|4:3|101min.|Tibetan and English|english and czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|6,9/10


Indie|2012|DVD|90min.|Tibetan and English|english and czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|7,5/10

Dreaming Lhasa

India|2005|DVD|4:3|90min.|Tibetan, English|Czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|6,5/10


USA|2016|HD|16:9|79min.|tibetsky|English and czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|7,3/10


China|2011|DVD|16:9|55min.|Tibetan|Czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD

Escape over the Himalaya /Flucht über den Himalaya/

Germany|2000|DVD|4:3|30min.|English|czech subtitles|ČSFD

Fate of the Lhapa

USA|2007|DVD|63min.|Tibetan|czech subtitles|IMDB|8,1/10

From Nomad to Nobody

Canada|2011|DVD|16:9|15min|English|czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB

Gyalyum Chemo - The Great Mother

USA|2006|DVD|4:3|57min. + cca 15min. bonuses|english|english subtitles|film web|IMDB|8,1/10

Home Away from Home

India|1962|DVD|15min|English|czech subtitles|film web

Jigden the Beginning of the End

USA|2017|Full HD|16:9|22,5min.|english|czech subtitles|film web|IMDB

Kalachakra - L'éveil

France, India|2017|Full HD|16:9|83min.|Tibetan, English|English and Czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|6,2/10


Tibet/France|2005|DVD|4:3|51min.|Tibetan|english and czech subtitles|ČSFD

Leaving Fear Behind

Tibet|2008|DVD|25min.|Tibetan and English|czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|7,2/10

Living Buddha – 17. Gyalwa Karmapa

Germany|1994|DVD|4:3|108min.|english|czech subtitles|IMDB|7,8/10

Meltdown in Tibet

USA|2009|DVD|40min.|English|czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB


Bhutan/India|2006|DVD|4:3|90min.|Tibetan|Czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|7,1/10

Mirror of Emptiness

China|2010|DVD|4:3|120min.|Manadarin and Tibetan|english, chinese and czech subtitles|ČSFD


Slovakia|2001|DVD|4:3|28min.|Czech|english subtitles|ČSFD

Mustang: Journey of Transformation

USA|2009|DVD|16:9|27min.|English|czech subtitles|ČSFD|IMDB|8,2/10

Nowhere to Call Home: A Tibetan in Beijing

USA/CHINA|2014|Full HD|16:9|83min.|English and Chinese|czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|7.8/10

Old Dog

China|2010|DVD|4:3|93 min.|Tibetan|English, Chinese and Czech subtitles|IMDB|6,5/10

On the Other Side of the Himalaya /Jenseits des Himalaya/

Germany|2005|DVD|4:3|45min.|English|czech subtitles|ČSFD

Prayers Answered

India/USA|2009|DVD|4:3|29min.|Tibetan and English|czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD

Raid into Tibet

UK|1964|DVD|30min.|English|czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB

Rainbow Rider

China|2013|DVD|4:3|60min.|Tibetan and English|czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD

Richard Gere is My Hero

India|2007|DVD|4:3|105min.|Tibetan|english and czech subtitles|ČSFD|IMDB

ROYAL CAFE, a Tibetan Film from Paris

France|2016|DVD|4:3|40min.|Tibetan, English|English and Czech subtitles|film web

Saltmen of Tibet /Die Salzmänner von Tibet/

Germany/Switzerland|1997|DVD|108min.|german|czech subtitles|ČSFD|IMDB|7,4/10

Silent Holly Stones

Tibet|2005|DVD|4:3|102min.|Tibetan|english subtitles|ČSFD|IMDB|7,0/10

Some Questions as to the Nature of Your Existence

India/Austria|2007|DVD|4:3|26min.|Tibetan|English and Czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD

Summer Pasture

USA|2010|DVD|85min.|Tibetan and English|czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|7,8/10

Sunrise/Sunset: Dalai Lama XIV

Russia|2008|DVD|16:9|72min.|Russian|English and Czech subtitles|ČSFD|IMDB|7,1/10

Tantric Yogi

Tibet/Francie|2005|DVD|4:3|50min.|Tibetan|english and czech subtitles|ČSFD

Tashi Writes a Letter

India|1964|DVD|25min.|English|czech subtitles|film web


China|2015|BlueRay|16:9|123min.|Tibetan|English and Czech subtitles|IMDB|7/10

The Circle of Rebirth

Czech Republic|2004|DVD|4:3|59min.|czech|N/A|ČSFD

The Dalai Lama: Scientist

USA|2019|HD|16:9|94min.|Tibetan and English|English and czech subtitles|ČSFD|IMDB|7,9/10

The Heir to Genghis Khan (Storm Over Asia)

Soviet Union|1928|DVD|4:3|120min|silent|N/A|ČSFD


USA|2017|HD|16:9|81min.|English|czech subtitles|film web|IMDB|7,5/10

The Man in Maroon

Australia|2017|HD|78min.|English|czech subtitles

The Red Phallus

Bhutan / Germany / Nepal|2018|FullHD|16:9|83min.|Dzongkha|czech subtitles|film web|IMDB|6,5/10

The Reincarnation of Khensur Rinpoche

India|1991|DVD|4:3|50min.|Tibetsky a anglicky|Czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|8,7/10

The Sacred Arrow

Tibet|2014|HD|16:9|96min.|Tibetan|english, chinese and czech subtitles|film web

The Search

Tibet|2009|DVD|4:3|112min.|Tibetan|english and czech subtitles

The Shadow Circus: The CIA in Tibet

India|1998|DVD|4:3|50min.|English|czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB

The Sun Beaten Path

China|2011|DVD|16:9|89min.|Tibetan|English, Chinese and Czech subtitles|ČSFD|IMDB|6,8/10

The Sun Behind the Clouds

UK/India|2009|DVD|4:3|79min.|English|czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|6,8/10

The Thread of Karma

India|2007|DVD|4:3|50min.|Tibetan, English|Czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD

The Trials of Telo Tinpoche

India|1994|DVD|4:3|50min.|English|Czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD

The Unwinking Gaze

UK|2006|DVD|4:3|79min.|english|Czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|7,3/10

Tibet in Song

USA|2009|DVD|4:3|82min.|Tibetan, English|Czech subtitles|ČSFD|IMDB|8,3/10

Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion

USA|2002|DVD|104min.|english|English and Czech subtitles|film web|IMDB|7,6/10

Tibet: Murder In The Snow

Australia|2007|DVD|4:3|60min.|English|Czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|7,3/10

Tibetan Warrior

Switzerland | India|2015|DVD|4:3|84min.|english|czech subtitles|film web|IMDB|7,9/10

Tibet`s cry for freedom

Australia|2008|DVD|16:9|52min.|English|Czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD

Travellers and Magicians

Australia/Bhutan|2003|DVD|108min.|Dzongkha|english and czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|7,5/10

Unmistaken Child

Israel|2008|HD|16:9|102min.|English|czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|7,7/10

Valley of Flowers

India/France/Japan/Germany|2006|DVD|4:3|120min.|anglicky a tibetsky|Czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|7/10


Bhutan | Hong Kong | Sri Lanka|2013|Full HD|2.35 : 1|96min.|english|czech subtitles|film web|IMDB|7,3/10

Wandering but Not Lost

USA|2020|HD|16:9|90min.|Tibetan and English|English and czech subtitles|film web

What Remains of Us

Kanada|2004|DVD|4:3|77min.|Tibetan and English|english and czech subtitles|film web|IMDB|7,9/10

When Hari got Married

India|2013|DVD|16:9|75min.|English|czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|7,1/10

When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun

USA|2010|DVD|4:3|114min.|English|Czech subtitles|film web|ČSFD|IMDB|7,5/10

When the Iron Bird Flies

USA|2012|Full HD|16:9|96min.|Tibetan, English|Czech subtitles|film web|IMDB|8,5/10

Yartsa Günbu

Tibet/Francie|2015|DVD|4:3|97min.|Tibetan|english and czech subtitles|ČSFD

12th Festival of Tibetan Films and Films about Tibet FLIM 2019

This year’s 12th Festival of Tibetan Films and Films about Tibet FLIM 2019, organized by Potala NGO continues in December at the Světozor cinema in Prague. It will present the latest films of Bhutan cinematography and on March 10, on Human Rights Day, will commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Nobel Peace Prize award to His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

Press Report – Film festival FLIM 2018

11th Festival of Tibetan Films and Films about Tibet FLIM 2018 will take place on 17th – 18th April in Pilots’ Cinema (Kino Pilotu) in Prague. Potala NGO, the organizer of the festival, seeks to make our home audience familiar with documentaries and movies not only about Tibet, but as well as with original production of film directors coming from Tibet and different Himalayan regions.
This year’s festival will offer two independent films of Tibetan authors: