Silent Holly Stones

english subtitles

Kino Aero         18th of April         20:30

The debut feature from the preeminent Tibetan filmmaker working today. The Silent Holy Stones is a restrained, unhurried story of a 10-year old Tibetan monk who has the chance to spend a few days at New Year with his family in their village a day’s horse-ride away. The boy’s journey to his village and back to the monastery bring to light the intertwined forces of westernization and consumerism that are a powerful presence even in a small Tibetan farming community.

“The place where the story took place is none other than my home village, where the mountains and waters have always haunted my dreams. I long to tell the true stories-in my own way-that have come up in my home village, to disclose the real looks of her, and to reveal the genuine conditions of life of the people there. What the film endeavours to depict is the unconscious change that has been going on under the surface of the seeming silence in the relatively secluded land, a reciprocal infiltration between tradition and modernism…”

Writer/Director Pema Tseden