Mirror of Emptiness

Manadarin and Tibetan
english, chinese and czech subtitles

In Shiqu, the highest northwest county seat in Sichuan Province – stands Se Xu Monastery. Rarely open to the public, its richness in the Tibetan Buddhism traditions unveils in this documentary. Filmed over a year, five lamas and a sky burial master speak of their belief and ways of spiritual living, among others who have been conducting retreat for years on this plateau of extreme climates. Ten thousand people gathering at the annual prayer festival and the mystical Tibetan sky-burial practices are among the most unforgettable scenes.

Born in 1975 in Zhejiang, Ma Li has worked as a documentary filmmaker for more than 10 years. She has directed many of documentary programmes for television. Mirror of Emptiness is her first feature-length documentary. Her latest film Born in Beijing is almost completed.