Lhamo and Skalbe (La Mu Yu Ga Bei)

110 min.
english and czech subtitles

Lhamo and Skalbe are unable to marry when they discover that Skalbe already has a registered marriage. Memories rush back as Skalbe embarks on a journey in search of his ex-wife Cuoyehe, only to discover that the girl had renounced her secular life when she broke their marriage promise four years ago. Cuoyehe’s religious identity greatly hampers Skalbe’s attempt to secure a divorce. Meanwhile, Lhamo grows distant. Pressured into rehearsing for a Tibetan opera called the Epic of King Gesar for the Chinese New Year, Lhamo plays the leading role of Ngada Namo, a “sinful” woman who has fallen into hell. As Lhamo’s antipathy towards the character grows, her fear of marriage also begins to surface from a secret buried deep inside her heart.

Film was an official selection of the international San Sebastian Film Festival in 2019. Press conference with the film crew:

Lhamo and Skalbe (2019)