Geleg Palsang



Geleck Palsang is from a village in northwestern India located at the height of 17,000 feet in the Himalayan Mountains. Like other children of Ladakh, Geleck went to a Tibetan refugee school. In 2005, while pursuing his Masters in filmmaking from Delhi, he made his first short documentary Prayers Answered that won the Audience Choice Award in Culture Unplugged Film Festival. After completing his further studies from the Millennium Film Institute in New York, he worked as an assistant director for Joël Farges’s in his film on Alexandra David-Néel. Later Geleck made several short films while working with many Indian production houses.

Geleck primarily focuses on Tibetan Buddhism, culture and people in the Himalayas. His latest film Fathima The Oracle, filmed over a period of six years, follows a long, gentle, sometimes amusing and yet intense inner struggle between a spirit and Fathima. The film takes the audience into the struggle of a Muslim girl who is possessed by a Buddhist deity.