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Starring Namgyal Lhamo

Set in the political hotbed that is modern Tibet where the present wreaks systematic war over the traditional past and an uncertain future awaits all those who raise their voice in protest, Drapchi is the story of Yiga Gyalnang (Namgyal Lhamo) a traditional Tibetan Opera singer who is abducted one summer morning and finds herself in near complete isolation in an underground/secret prison cell.

After two years, she breaks free and escapes to Nepal and from there, to the West, taking with her her spirituality, her strength, her Tibetan song…

Drapchi is based on a true story and certain events from the life of famed Tibetan opera singer Namgyal Lhamo, who portrays the fictional character on screen.



Osians Cinefan Film Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema

Warsaw International Film Festival (The World Today )

Cairo International Film Festival (In Competition-Human Rights)

International Film Festival of Kerala (Top Angle Cinema )

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