Call It Karma

2004 Canada, directed by Geoff Browne, 47 minutes



Call it Karma is the inspiring true story about a young Tibetan Monk named Gyalten Rinpoche who in 1995 was sent on a spiritual pilgrimage by his Master to walk 1,000 miles from his remote mountain village.

Through the Holy City of Lhasa, starving and exhausted, he makes his way across the rooftop of the world to the impoverished Nepalese villages and into the sacred lands of India.

Tibet: Murder In The Snow

2007 Australia, directed by Mark Gould, 60 minutes



In an incident that shocked the world, a teenage Tibetan nun, Kelsang Namtso, was killed when Chinese border police opened fire on a group of pilgrims as they fled Tibet over the infamous Nangpa Pass. The shooting was witnessed by many international mountain climbers, some of whom videotaped or photographed the events and also helped rescue survivors and sent the story out to the world.

Tibet`s cry for freedom

2008 USA, directed by Lara Damiani, 52 minutes



Filmed in Tibet and elsewhere in 2007-8, this powerful, well-filmed documentary includes exclusive interviews with HH the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan Prime Minister, as well as with political prisoners and activists, and addresses issues around the past Olympics. NOTE: DVDs are now in NTSC version, for use on U.S. computers and U.S. or Canadian DVD players.