Phun Anu Thanu. Two Exile Brothers.

  • India 2005, 2012 reedited 75 minutes
  • Tibetan with Czech subtitles
  • Directors: Tashi Wangchuk and Tsultrim Dorje
  • Music: Jamphel Tenzin

​It is a story narrated by a Magician from Tibet. The magician travels all over the world and tells the story of PHUN ANU THANU — two exile brothers. In the film, he comes to a small Tibetan community, Dekiling, in northern India, to share the story. The story within story is of two naughty brothers, Anu and Thanu and their unconditional love for two beautiful and educated daughters, Yangzom and Dechen, of Gyakpon la (a camp leader) of Dekiling. The film takes off on the 10th March 2005 when every Tibetan goes to downtown, Dehra Dun, to commemorate the 1959 Tibetan Uprising in Lhasa. The two brothers, however, do not attend the march and lingers around with the two sisters. Since there is no one present at the colony, the time is also perfect for two thieves to do their business. However, love rules the heart of potbellied school cook, Machen la, as he is busy making love with the wine lady, Ama Changma. Apart from entertainment, the film touches social, political, moral and health issues.