programme 2007-2012

2012 <5. března a 18. až 20. dubna>

Summer Pastures/Silent Holly Stones/The Search/Kokonor/Tantric Yogi/Old Dog/Mirror of Emtpiness

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2011 <7th of March and 13th to 15th of April>

A Shawl to Die for/Meltdown in Tibet/Daughters of Wisdom/What Remains of Us/When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun/The Reincarnation of Khensur Rinpoche/The Thread of Karma/Some Questions as to the Nature of Your Existence/Religious Investiture of His Holiness the Dalai Lama/Raid into Tibet/Tashi Writes a Letter/Home Away from Home/Early German travel Logues (1920's) Three Silent Films/The Shadow Circus: The CIA in Tibet/The Sun Behind the Clouds/Dreaming Lhasa/The Trials of Telo Tinpoche/A Stranger in my Native Land

2010 <8th of March and 22nd to 24th of March>

Dalai Lama Renaissance/A Shawl to Die for/Unmistaken Child/Mustang: Journey of Transformation/Mustang/The Sun Behind the Clouds/Richard Gere is My Hero


Leaving fear behind/Fate of Lhapa/Tibet's Cry for Freedom/Tibet: Murder in the Snow/Call It Karma


The Unwinking Gaze/Milarepa/On the Other Side of the Himalaya/Dreaming Lhasa/Valley of Flowers/Escape over Himalaya


A Touch from the other Side/Travellers and Magicians/Saltmen of Tibet/Tibet: Cry of the Snow Lion/In the Circle of Reincarnation


Photo Exhibition in Kino Aero, 16th of April to 15th of May 2012

Jaroslav Poncar: Tibet Panoramic


Jaroslav Poncar’s panoramic photographs take the viewer to the very heart of the remote and wild landscape of western Tibet, to places around the sacred mountain of Kailash, an area inhabited by nomadic shepherds and their herds as well as wild animals and invisible beings from the parallel worlds of gods, spirits and demons.


Photo Exhibition in Kino Aero, 7th to 30th of March 2011

Karel Beba: Tibet „mysterious“ ... and dying


Czech journalist Karel Beba was a member of an international group of journalists, who in 1955 accepted invitation of the People’s Republic of China to visit Tibet. The main aim of their visit was to convince the world about legitimacy of „peaceful liberation“ of Tibet, which was supposed to bring new, better order. Karel Beba saw Tibetan society of the 50th as „middle age between us“, as an anachronism to be overcome. His photographs captured „mysterious“ world at the eve of destruction.

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