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Title Directed by Country Year Resolution aspect ratio délka Language Subtitles trailer film web ČSFD IMDB Ratingsort descending
A Stranger in my Native Land Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam India 1998 DVD 4:3 32min. English czech subtitles film web ČSFD
Escape over the Himalaya /Flucht über den Himalaya/
Meltdown in Tibet
Home Away from Home
Call It Karma
The Search Pema Tseden Tibet 2009 DVD 4:3 112min. Tibetan english and czech subtitles
The Thread of Karma Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam India 2007 DVD 4:3 50min. Tibetan, English Czech subtitles File The thread of karma film web ČSFD
Mustang Pavol Barabáš Slovakia 2001 DVD 4:3 28min. Czech english subtitles File Mustang (2001) - ukázka ČSFD
Rainbow Rider
Mirror of Emptiness Ma Li China 2010 DVD 4:3 120min. Manadarin and Tibetan english, chinese and czech subtitles File 華語紀錄片節2011-《無鏡》Mirror of Emptiness (預告片 Trailer) ČSFD
Jigden the Beginning of the End Shenpenn Khymsar USA 2017 Full HD 16:9 22,5min. english czech subtitles File JIGDEN, TEASER First Tibetan/Nepali gangster film by Shenpenn Khymsar film web IMDB
A Touch from the Other Side Viliam Poltikovič Czech Republic 2006 DVD 4:3 56min. czech N/A ČSFD
Early German Travel Logues (1920's) - Three Silent Films
Some Questions as to the Nature of Your Existence Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam India/Austria 2007 DVD 4:3 26min. Tibetan English and Czech subtitles film web ČSFD
Yartsa Günbu Jangbu/Dorjee Tsering Chenagtsang Tibet/Francie 2015 DVD 4:3 97min. Tibetan english and czech subtitles File Yartsa Rinpoche: Precious Caterpillar Trailer ČSFD
Leaving Fear Behind
From Nomad to Nobody
A Shawl to die for
Embrace Dan Smyer Yu and Pema Tashi China 2011 DVD 16:9 55min. Tibetan Czech subtitles File Embrace (Trailer) film web ČSFD
ROYAL CAFE, a Tibetan Film from Paris Tenzin Dazel France 2016 DVD 4:3 40min. Tibetan, English English and Czech subtitles File ROYAL CAFE (OFFICIAL TEASER) film web


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